Saintly Acts

Saintly Acts

Look at that punim!
Look at that punim!

The kids requested cotton candy. I always invite our summer art camp instructors to poll our, “exhibiting artists” about what treat they would like served on the last day of camp / exhibition day. These ones by far and away requested cotton candy. I do aim to hop them up on sugar and then send the hyper little rascals home to their dismayed parents, but I draw a line with carnival treats. As an alternative, I endeavored to make them this exciting item to distract from the absence of cotton candy, but I realized that I was not the saint I thought I was and that I’d rather attend 7am mediation than pipe marshmallow. Instead, I bought some packages of organic oreos and then split them apart, filled them with ice cream and rolled them in sprinkles. Not a bad cotton candy alternative, in my book!


20 Tree of Life Organic Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
One Pint MSU Dairy Store Ice Cream
Tub o’ Sprinkles

Let your ice cream soften just a *wee* bit. It will melt on you quickly! Open up each cookie and use an ice cream scoop to put a couple of tablespoons of ice cream between the layers. Wash your hands, and smooth the ice cream out along the outside. A knife would probably work for this too. I recommend rolling each cookie in sprinkles as you go because the whole operation does start dripping. In fact, make the sandwiches in a few batches and pop them into the freezer pretty quickly. They will need a little time to become firm before serving.


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