Summertime Porch Fare Courtesy of Nigel Slater

Summertime Porch Fare Courtesy of Nigel Slater

Apologies to my recent dinner guests. I really considered not posting this meal because it’s going to out me. I made a few of you the exact same dinner.


I couldn’t help it. Nigel Slater’s Summery Green Soup, a light and peppery arugula corn salad with flaked roasted salmon, a little homemade bread……

Perfectly rustic. Just the thing for a warm evening and dinner on the porch. The salmon salad was inspired by my friend Kendra who recently served me a beautiful roast salmon dish.

*a note on serving meals on a small porch and serving meals in general- find the proper serving accoutrement. In this case, I found the perfect 50’s serving trays at the Little Red Schoolhouse antique mart. I plated everyone’s meal in the kitchen and tapped a guest to carry one with salads while I took out the soup!

Soup Ingredients:
A large, round lettuce about 400g (or packaged baby lettuces)
Olive oil or a slice of butter
2 shallots
500g shelled peas
Stock – chicken, vegetable or water
Three bushy sprigs mint

Creme fraiche

VERY gently saute the shallots- you don’t want anything to brown here. Just wilt the ingredients together, really. Wash the lettuce extremely thoroughly. Slater says any grit will ruin the soup, so I opted for per-washed baby lettuces. Next, add the lettuce then stock, peas and mint and gently simmer for up to ten minutes. Puree in a blender or with your handy immersion blender. Serve with a dollop of creme fraiche.

Roasted Salmon Salad Ingredients:
One pound wild-caught salmon (I used sockeye)
Summer corn raw or roasted and sliced off the cobb

Salmon marinade:
1/2 cup tamari
One tablespoon sesame oil
*a note on the oil- sesame oil has a very low smoke point and shouldn’t be used at high temperatures. Substitute another vegetable oil if you are pan frying or even grilling at high heat.
A hearty splash of rice wine vinegar
A dollop of honey or agave
Freshly grated ginger
Bragg’s amino acids (optional- for hippies like me)

Salmon Salad Method:
Whisk the marinade together and pour it over the fillet. Use a dish that just fits the salmon, but still allows room for the fish to sit comfortably in the sauce.

Let marinate in the fridge for a few hours.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees .

If you are a bit crazy about clean-up like me, envelop the fillet in a foil pocket before setting it in your baking dish. Not only does this allow you to easily toss the foil and save you the trouble of scraping Carmelites marinade off of the dish, but it traps the moisture and fluid and helps the fish cook nicely.

Roast the fish until just done- 25-30 minutes.

Let the fish cool completely, then flake it into big pieces over your salad. Dress lightly with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper so as not to hide your pretty salmon.


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