Bam. Now THAT’S a Birthday Cake.

photo 1

Sometimes you make a particular dish and it’s just bangin’. This birthday cake is one of those dishes. I contemplated the recipe long and hard because I knew the birthday girl wanted an oreo cake. But she’s also allergic to dairy. And my other house guest was gluten-free. Not to mention they each eat different kinds of animals. A Venn diagram of diets, I tell you!!

photo 3
Birthday Princess.

Cake Ingredients:
Gluten-free oreo crust
Homemade chocolate-coconut milk ice cream

Embellishment Ingredients:
Dark chocolate dreams frosting
1/8 cup butter
Fresh, edible pansies and decorative flowers

Whip up a double-batch of David Lebovitz’ chocolate coconut vegan ice cream. I adhere STRONGLY to a personal rule with homemade ice cream: all homemade ice cream must contain booze. This is partially because ice cream makers that are not professional caliber result in harder ice cream and the booze keeps it softer. It’s partially because everything is better with booze. In this case I added a splash of Bailey’s while churning.

Next, whip up the oreo crust in the link above and lay it out in a spring form pan and freeze according to the recipe. Since you are using a spring form, I recommend setting tin foil under the pan before pouring in the butter as the seal between the bottom of the pan and the sides probably is not completely tight. Just freeze the whole operation in a foil package.

If the ice cream is in the freezer, let it soften a bit and then scoop it into the spring form pan all the way to the top.

Freeze the whole cake for a few hours.

Make the frosting:

  • warm a cup of dark chocolate dreams and the 1/4 cup butter in a pot until it is melted. Stir it together and let it cool.
  • whip your frosting with a hand beater

Remove the cake from the freezer and release it from the spring form. Use a knife or pastry spatula to spread the frosting over your cake.

If you’re using edible flowers, decorate before you put the cake back in the freezer. In this case, Rhea, the owner at Old Town General Store found me some gorgeous pansies.

*Smart eater’s tip: Pour yourself a glass of homebrewed stout. Drop some of your homemade chocolate coconut ice cream in there. Rock n’ roll.



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