Dispatches from my Lansing Kitchen: The, “Ok, fine” Edition.

Hiya folks.


It was bound to happen. I’ve outgrown my email list. This is why people have blogs and don’t deliver packages by horse drawn carriage. I concede the point. I’m moving from chain mail to WordPress. WP does afford me these nice perks:

  • formatting!
  • there is a search function
  • my posts are archived
  • my big, pretty pictures actually come through because they don’t have to squeeze through the fiber optic cables to your inbox
  • etc.

I’ll be slowly migrating my archived content over here to wordpress, but for now I ‘m gonna keep rolling because I have so many goodies to post.

Enjoy these brand-spankin’ new posts right away:
Flops / Duds / Kitchen Fails
BAM. Now THAT’S a Birthday Cake.
Summertime porch Fare Courtesy of Nigel Slater
Saintly Acts



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