Welcome to my Lala Kitchen

I moved.


I’m not in Lansing anymore. I’m in Los Angeles.
L.A. swept me off my feet, so I happily pay double the price in rent for my lovely wee studio as I pay in mortgage for my lovely, brand new three-bedroom home in Michigan. Luckily, I am a lady with a taste for adventure! If Bear Grylls can make a meal with the backpack of tools the National Geographic Channel allows him when they abandon him in the middle of South American jungles, then I can certainly crank out a one pot frittata or two. Here’s the deal:

Half sink
One cabinet
Strategic, ten-foot high shelving
Induction burner
No oven.


Custom shelves courtesy of Daddyo.
Custom shelves courtesy of Daddyo.

It’s that last bit that might frighten the faint of heart.
“How will I roast my vegetables? What about Alice Waters’ goat cheese and herb soufflé?”, those ‘fraidy cats might ask themselves. Or, “A baker with no oven?! Sacre blue!!” Well, I already asked myself those questions. And freaked out a little bit. But the thing is, I actually relish a weird kitchen challenge. I love the invitation to move out of my comfort zone and cook according to the implements or ingredients on hand. So, that’s how this is gonna go, folks.

Strap in! We’re in Lalaland. Every fresh ingredient under the sun is at the ready if you can get through the rush hour gridlock to retrieve it. I recommend traveling by bicycle and subway and wearing cosmic crystals to stay grounded. And if all else fails and the steak you were searing in a Staub pot atop an electric heating element never comes up to temp, grab your cheese board and some some seasonal fruit with a lil charcuterie and local wine and amble down a few blocks to the LACMA lawn to enjoy the sunset with a few hundred other jazz lovers. Worse things have come of dinner fumbles.


Thanks for coming along for the ride!


9 thoughts on “Welcome to my Lala Kitchen

  1. Your rise-to-the-challenge attitude is inspiring! Could it be because of… What is that glow emanating from all the clean, bright surfaces… could it be… I’m sure I’ve seen it one time… SUNSHINE?

    We miss you here in the permaclouds of Michigan! 🙂 We’ll be following these glimpses of your adorable kitchen!


  2. Your new place looks so cute and sunny! Love the mustard-colored wall and table & chairs and the happy little yellow flower vases. 🙂 Sending hugs!


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