Allow Me to Change the Topic for a Moment

I need to talk about something outside of The Kitchen.
I can do that- this my blog. I’m The Decider.

Prepare your eyes and ears and brain- I’m going to use the word, “creativity.” Did your ears and eyes and brains just turn off? Did you fall asleep? Drats! That’s what always happens when I use that word. I’m thinking about a language change. How about, “the concept formerly known as creativity” or maybe, “expansive thought practices” as my buddy Charlie Herman-Wurmfeld and I are playing with. “Creativity” makes me think of the seed bead section at Hobby Lobby.

I was hunting for an image depicting the banality of chain craft stores, but all I could find was badassery.

I’m really talking about thinking that pushes beyond normative rules of engagement, accepted systems and business as usual. I am talking about creativity as a practice- the art of exercising your thinking to be as expansive as possible. Spelunking in the netherworlds of your brain to invent solutions and systems and tools that have yet to be discovered or entertained. The concept I’m talking about is so enormous and creativity is so small.

I think I’m going somewhere with this idea and I want to take big thinkers along with me so I’m starting in The Garden. Last weekend I invited my garden gnomes to help me plant a patch of beets. I told everyone that these were super special, important beets, so we sent them forth into the universe with an extra joyous push by employing pop songs.

When I harvest the beets, I’m going to exhaust my mind’s possibilities for the things. I’ll distill the essential oils and diffuse the scent into the air. I’ll call in favors to molecular gastronomists and feed everyone fuchsia foam. I’ll pound the suckers into beet paper and make beet-dyed napkins. Can you make a battery from a beet? I’ll make a beet battery. It will all culminate in an event with Big City Forum where participants will walk into a setting that is my creative process incarnate. I want to talk to their palates and hearts and noses about creativity and then perhaps we can segue into a conversation.


The point? If the program performs at its highest, most actualized version of itself, an accountant will show up at work the next morning with a new way to organize their data. Or a parent will consider a different approach to a recurring impasse with their toddler. Or if anyone just cocks their head and *considers* thinking about contemplating the idea that maybe something in their world might maybe be different than the way it was yesterday, success.


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